Brick Color Restoration

Bring back the true color of your home's brick exterior.

Over time, bricks can lose their luster and uniformity, leading to an unattractive patchwork appearance. More than an eyesore, this discoloration can be symptomatic of underlying problems such as water penetration or mold growth. Traditional cleaning methods like pressure washing may not suffice, as the cause of discoloration often runs deeper than the surface.
Our technicians are skilled in identifying and addressing the various causes of discoloration, ensuring that every solution we provide is not just a cosmetic cover-up but a step towards safeguarding your home’s structural integrity and value. We’ll work with you to find the best approach, factoring in the unique characteristics of your bricks, whether they are rare or have been discontinued, to achieve a flawless finish.


Don’t let discoloration undermine the beauty or structural integrity of your home.


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